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How To Stop Translating?

How can I stop translating from my native language into English? Many people call it a bad habit. However, I want to let you know that this isn’t a bad habit at all. Translating is perfectly OK and is actually… Continue Reading →

Presentation tips

There are three main things that go into a great presentation: Planning,  writing the presentation, then practicing and delivering your presentation.  Planning and writing your presentation Let’s start with thinking about what a presentation is. Is it the same as a speech? Most… Continue Reading →

How native and non-native speakers hear English

A lot of English learners get quite confused about the fact that some people understand them perfectly while others don’t seem to understand a word they say. This divide is normally along the lines of native and non-native speakers. Non-native English… Continue Reading →

The misconceptions about “Proper” English

    When we talk about “Proper English,” what exactly do we mean? Do we mean the English that you can take home to your grandmother? Do we mean the English that will impress your boss? Or do we mean… Continue Reading →

Typical Writing Mistakes

Even the best writers unintentionally repeat themselves or forget words. While it is true that perfection is unattainable, it is also true that we can better our skills. One of the typical mistakes we make must be the repetition we create without… Continue Reading →

How to be better understood.

Are you worried about the way you speak? Do people have trouble understanding you? There are many reasons you might want to improve your speech. Maybe you want to land that international dream job, become a better public speaker, or… Continue Reading →

Clear Speech.

Do you have an accent? Guess what?! So do I! People seem to think that having an accent is a BAD thing, but it’s only bad if your accent is so heavy that other people can’t understand you. Everyone has… Continue Reading →

The Fear of Speaking Up.

     Many if not most students try to overcome the fear of speaking in a new language. The fear of speaking is not because of lack of vocabulary, or grammar misconceptions. The fear is nothing else but the display of our… Continue Reading →

Routine Vs Exploration

Learning a new language or keeping rust away from a language we learned during our teens while fearing its slow vanishment with the years and years of complete practice absence,  are both a matter of worry for most people. We worry… Continue Reading →

Error Correction when Speaking a New Language.

Let us talk about error correction.         I personally believe that correcting errors while speaking a new language is a big no-no. I have encountered many students asking for their mistakes to be pointed out as much… Continue Reading →

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