Making speech awareness a daily habit for success

In previous blogs, we’ve been talking about many different ways you can increase the clarity of your speech and get ahead in your business by speaking global English.

Remember that changing your speech is a long-term process. It takes daily focus and awareness. Just because you know how to make the TH sound correctly, doesn’t mean you are actually doing it in your every-day speech.

Be aware of how you and the people around you speak. Try to make clarity a daily habit. Choose one sound or concept (word stress, intonation) to focus on each day and try to practice that with every word you speak.

When you hear words or phrases that you aren’t familiar with or pronunciations that are different from your own, write them down so you can check on them later. Then begin to integrate them into your own speech.

Successful leaders are ones who know how to communicate their vision in a way other people understand. Increase the clarity of your messages, and you will also increase your success.