Even the best writers unintentionally repeat themselves or forget words. While it is true that perfection is unattainable, it is also true that we can better our skills.

  • One of the typical mistakes we make must be the repetition we create without realizing it. It only happens when we are not paying full attention. However, reading out loud helps us catch what our eyes don’t.
  • Another common mistake we make is using empty adverbs such as very, or really. These adverbs turn us into lazy writers. Instead of scratching out our heads for a more meaningful word, we become lazy and use the easiest one out there, which most of the time are nothing else but those cursed empty adverbs.
  • Avoiding casual spoken language is yet another slippery slope. Paying attention while writing as well as reading the content out loud should help us dodge using our naturel way of communicating while writing.
  • Being careful while using the words “That” and “Which”. They are not identical. Unlike “That”, “Which” clauses are nonessential to the whole meaning of the sentence.
  • Call Auto Spell-Check quits. Most of the time, spell-check will drown us rather than help us by choosing the wrong correction or word choice while writing.
  • Stop using the Thesaurus. Complicated vocabulary does not make us look/sound fancy. On the contrary,  It sets us for failure because it makes us lose our readers connexion. And what better way to explain this but through this video: