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The power of a pause.

One of the easiest ways to improve the clarity of your speech is to slow down and use pauses. In our fast-paced world, many of us have come to feel uncomfortable with silence. It’s like we’re some kind of failures… Continue Reading →

A voice worth listening to.

Have you ever heard a speaker who was actually really interesting, but you just couldn’t seem to hold your eyes open? Most likely they had a monotonous voice or they just didn’t seem very interested in what they were saying…. Continue Reading →

Your accent isn’t your problem.

When new clients come to me, one of the first things they say is, “I want to get rid of my accent.” My answer is always the same: “Why on earth would you want to do that.” There is a… Continue Reading →

Chunking your messages

In addition to your consonant and vowel sounds, the final way you can ensure that your message is always understood is to group your words into smaller chunks of information, separated by pauses or a change in tone. If you… Continue Reading →

Linking your words for better flow

Listen to your favorite DJ or host, and you’ll hear how smooth and fluent their speech is. They don’t have that typical staccato rhythm we’re used to hearing. Their speech sounds effortless. It just flows. This is because they’ve learned… Continue Reading →

TV, your best English teacher!

How watching TV can help you improve your speech What would you say if I told you that watching TV and listening to the radio could help you improve your speech?! It’s true! The first step to improving your pronunciation… Continue Reading →

Pronunciation Practice Ideas

Today I’d like to share with you some really quick and easy ways that you can integrate speech and pronunciation practice into your daily routines. 1) Newspaper Practice Do you read the newspaper in the morning? Ok, take just 10… Continue Reading →

Does a Perfect Speaking Rate Exist?

What’s the perfect speaking rate? I’m often asked whether how quickly we speak influences how well others understand us. If you speak clearly and chunk your messages well, speed shouldn’t be the reason why people misunderstand. But the problem is,… Continue Reading →

Speech Awareness as a Daily Habit.

Making speech awareness a daily habit for success In previous blogs, we’ve been talking about many different ways you can increase the clarity of your speech and get ahead in your business by speaking global English. Remember that changing your… Continue Reading →

English Language in International Business.

How is English really being used in international business? Good question. Languages are funny things. They aren’t even “things,” actually. They are living, breathing organisms, growing and changing every moment depending on how people use them. English is a perfect… Continue Reading →

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